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NetTience is a leading global technology conglomerate, offering technology consulting, cloud computing infrastructure, web and mobile application development and IOT based products & services using bleeding edge technologies through its subsidiaries and partners.

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At NetTience, new challenges invoke new thinking

Since its inception, NetTience, through its subsidiaries, has served many global clients across a wide spectrum of industries, like Real Estate, Infrastructure, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Gaming etc. We have expertise in various sectors of the web, cloud, mobile and IoT technologies including an array of server-side languages, OpenSource CMS/Blog frameworks, Linux/UNIX system administration, production server backup and recovery solutions, cloud infrastructure set-up, IoT consulting, business process automation and much more. Our expertise in providing Content Management solutions has been acclaimed by many of our clients and the OpenSource community.




NetTantra offers you comprehensive and effective solutions for all your web related needs. This includes analyzing your business process, designing technical solutions to develop and maintain web applications and resources, to help you conduct your business effectively. We also provide the most effective web technology consulting services to assist you in optimizing your business processes. We are adept in the latest technologies and cutting edge solutions. Our skills and innovation follow the latest trends to offer you solutions that are refreshing and outstanding.

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Asiczen Technologies

Asiczen Technologies is a VLSI and Embedded Systems (IoT) company. Our VLSI team focuses on churning out Verification IPs, mostly in high speed interconnect, automotive and memory domains. It also provides SoC/IP design verification services to our customers. The Embedded team’s expertise ranges from Firmware & Device Drivers Development, RTOS Porting to Embedded Reference Board Development on microcontroller, ARM processor and DSP processor based platforms. This team is responsible for Asiczen’s IoT offerings in smart home, smart city and smart solutions area.

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One-minute Blockchain and Crypto News

BlockShorts provides latest one-minute reads, breaking news and articles from the Blockchain and Crypto World. Get the essence captured within a few words without the need to go through a complex write-up. Explore the stories behind with a single click. A must-download app for every cryptocurrency enthusiast and blockchain researcher.

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